Top 3 Black Panther Comics You Should Read

If you have been keeping up with the recent Marvel Cinematic Universe, then you are probably aware of the story of Wakanda — an African Nation that has a long history of kings or Panther Gods, a country hidden away from the world. If you already know the back story through the movies, then you should consider going on a comic reading binge as well. The Black Panther is one of the most famous MCU character and has even gotten nominated for the Academy Awards, which is a huge deal for superhero movies.

Here is a walkthrough of T’Challa’s initial appearance and history before we delve deeper into the relevant comics that you should be reading. Black Panther made its first appearance in the 1966. 52nd edition of Fantastic Four Comics and was created by none other than Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The reason behind importance of this character is that it set a new narrative for inclusivity even in the comic books and also because Black Panther was the very first Person of Color Character in the Marvel universe. Although socially significant, Black Panther has a great deal to offer to the comics and the Cinematic universe as well. So for all the fellow comic lovers, following are some of the best Black Panther Comics you should be checking out.

Black Panther – 1998

This particular edition of Black Panther from 1998 is one of those first few editions of the comic books. In the comic T’Challa, recently made Black Panther and Chief of Wakanda, is also at a crossroads with his responsibilities as a king and also trying to explore his dynamics as a superhero who is almost an outsider among the Avengers and others. He has concrete responsibilities but at the same time has a disparity in terms of socialization with other superheroes considering how hidden Wakanda had been prior to their discovery.

Panther’s Rage

Comic written by Don McGregor, Panther’s Rage has a lot of significance in Black Panther’s character development. It is considered to be a graphic novel in superhero genre. This was the first time that T’Challa, as a character was taken seriously and his story was told. It was part of an anthology series called Jungle Action in which T’Challa was given a proper storyline, supporting characters and legends involved. This cornerstone is a must read for anyone who wants a full story of Black Panther and T’Challa. His solos character was developed well and to this day, the supporting characters discussed here are a major party of Black Panther’s stories that came much after.

Rise of Black Panther – 2018

If you aren’t prepared to go down the rabbit hole to understand Black Panther as a character, then maybe you should just look into the latest series. It will cover all the origin story and give you a perspective from a modernistic point of view.  It is a mini-series that will cover all aspects of the character of Black Panther in a matter of six issues. To sum it up, it is, by far, the best way to understand and know Black Panther.