The First Thing You Should Learn on Guitar

Learning guitar can be a lot of fun, but if you are completely new to the instrument you would be at a loss about where you should start. After all, there are plenty of ways in which guitars can be played, and it is up to you to decide the direction that you need to take. However, it is fair to assume that there is a basic structure that you need to follow, a platform of sorts that you need to build upon which you can create the rest of your talent and form your own unique voice in the world of music.

Hence, when you are just starting out with your guitar practice routine, you should try to learn open chords. Chords are basically a bunch of notes that are played at the same time. They have a relation to one another, and so will be very harmonious thus allowing you to sound good. Open chords are basically any chords that involve open strings. An open string is a string that is not being fretted at any point and is free to ring out at its true melodic tuning.

These chords will be the basis of a lot of songs that you can learn. You will be amazed at just how many songs can be played just using the seven open chords that are out there. These open chords are G Major, C Major, A Major, A Minor, D Major, D Minor as well as C Minor if you are ready to give your hands a bit of a stretch. Once you have all of these open chords down, you will be ready to move to the next stage of learning how to play guitar in the best way possible.