Black Panther 101

In the recent times, Marvel Comics has been inclusive of diversity in their characters. Although the Black Panther isn’t a new character but being part of the cinematic universe has opened doors for more diversity and set a new narrative. In this article we will be taking a look at the character “The Black Panther” and everything there is to know about him.

Black Panther first appeared in the 52nd Issue of Fantastic Four comic book in July of 1966. His real name is T’Challa and his powers include being hypersensitive and strengths of a superhuman, but most of these capabilities come by consuming an extract of Heart Shaped Herb. T’Challa or the Black Panther has appeared in several Marvel comics like the Avengers, Queen’s Vengeance and Pendragons.

Before we get into the background of Black Panther’s Character, you should know that his enemies include Klaw, Man-Ape, White Wolfe and Tetu, etc. There are more but they will be discussed later one.

A little known fact about this character is that, back in the 1960s Black Panther was given promoted under the name of Black Leopard as rumors of affiliation with Black Panther political party were on the rise. However, once things had settled his name was changed back to Black Panther.

Creation of Black Panther

As mentioned before, Black Panther first appeared in the issue number 52 of Fantastic Four Comics back in July 1966. The creator of Black Panther’s character are Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The reason behind its significance is that before this, in the Marvel Comics Black superhero didn’t exist. However, with Black Panther’s creation black superheroes were stepping foot in the mainstream comics.

Moving on to the background of this character, The Black Panther is a title that is used as an honorific of the Chief of the Wakanda. Although this title is passed on from one generation to the other, it still needs to be earned for that very purpose.

Origin of Vibranium

The metal that has been discussed so often in the Marvel Comics is vibranium, the strongest material on the planet. A couple of centuries ago, there was a huge meteor crash in Wakanda and after a couple of years of investigation King T’Chaka decided to hide Wakanda’s real capabilities from the rest of the world because he didn’t want intruders spying on the advancements being done in Wakanda and other nations might try to exploit their resources.

However, this cover blew when a scientist Ulysses Klaue found himself in Wakanda and started making weaponry out of vibranium which ended up killing T’Chaka, the previous Chief of Wakanda. During this time T’Challa had managed to severe Klaue’s right hand but he had survived and fled Wakanda, in hopes of exposing their cover.

T’Challa was next in line to be called The Black Panther but he wasn’t fully ready to take on duties as he was too young back then. He was sent off to train for the throne and during this time his Uncle took over the title of Chief for the time being. Once returned, he became the new Chief of Wakanda.